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The perfect treatment for harmony

Imagine that you are coming to a magical encounter where you know that your body, mind and spirit will receive full support. The treatment is a kind of dialogue between the therapist and the patient's body-mind and spirit. From which the treatment is derived.  Since unique in nature the time and price varies between patients. (recommendable)

Zen Shiatsu treatment

Shiatsu is a treatment method based on the principles of Japanese medicine. The treatment is done by moving the patient and applying gentle and appropriate pressure along the meridians - the energy pathways, in order to balance the body and mind. T

The treatment is performed on a treatment bed, in comfortable, loose and flexible clothing, to the sounds of gentle music, and has hammock qualities.

Aromatherapy massage

An experience that combines aromatherapy plant extracts that are known to be encouraging and soothing, such as bergamot, jasmine abs. & lavender. The fragrances help soothe, relax, relieve fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and restore vitality. The massage focuses applying gentle pressure on acupuncture points that uplifts the spirit and calms the mind. This massage contributes to stress relief, muscle release and rejuvenation.

The first meeting - diagnosis & treatment

An introductory meeting aimed at diagnosing the health condition according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Accompanied by physical diagnosis and treatment of  Zen Shiatsu. The session includes a thirty-minute verbal interview used for diagnosis, a short ten-minute physical examination and a pleasant 50-minute initial diagnostic treatment.

Edges treatment

This treatment takes the edge off! The massage focuses on the edges of the body; feet, palms and head. At the ends of the body there is a particularly high concentration of nerve cells. The treatment works on the ends of the meridians (energy channels) and the ends of the nervous system. It is a very relaxing and refreshing treatment that acts as an anti-stress therapy on the whole body.

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